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  Pearl District

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Pearl District: Buildings Map

The Pearl District is bounded by Broadway Avenue on the east and I-405 (technically NW 17th Avenue) on the west. It extends from Burnside street north to Lovejoy Street.

These areas are all within walking distance of The Pearl District:

  • The central business district of Portland is across Burnside to the south.
  • The popular Northwest Portland area is located to the west of I-405.
  • The Pearl District is bounded by the Willamette River to the north.
  • The China Town/Old Town is located east of Broadway.

Pearl District Map

1.Avenue Lofts, The
2.Bridgeport Condominiums
3.Casey, The
4.Chown Pella Lofts
5.City Lofts
6.Edge Lofts, The
7.Elizabeth, The
8.Encore, The
9.Flanders Street Lofts
10.Gregory, The
11.Henry, The
12.Hoyt Commons
13.Irving Street Lofts
14.Lexis on the Park
15.Marshall Wells Lofts
16.Metropolitan, The
17.McKenzie Lofts
18.North Park Blocks Lofts
19.Pearl Lofts
20.Park Northwest Condominiums
21.Park Place Condominiums
22.Pinnacle, The
24.Streetcar Lofts
25.Tanner Place
26.Waterfront Pearl
27.Irving Street Townhomes
28.Johnson Street Townhomes
29.Pearl Block Townhomes
30.937 Condominiums
The Pinnacle Bridgeport Condominiums Streetcar Lofts Marshall Wells Lofts Edge Lofts Park Place Riverstone Johnson Street Townhomes Irving Street Townhouses Pearl Block Townhouses Hoyt Commons Tanner Place Pearl Lofts The Avenue Lofts Irving Street Lofts City Lofts McKenzie Lofts The Gregory Chown Pella Lofts Flanders Street Lofts North Park Block Lofts Park Northwest Condominiums The Elizabeth The Henry Waterfront Pearl The Metropolitan  The Encore 937 Condominiums The Casey The Lexis